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Group and Team Coaching

A unique learning opportunity for systemic growth

In addition to 1:1 coaching, I also deliver group coaching and have created program offerings in partnership with other coaches and learning providers.

Group coaching offers a unique experience where the focus and outcomes are shaped by the collective interests of the people in the group — it offers a rare chance to build a sense of teamwork in pursuit of your own individual goals.

My approach to group and team coaching is based on my training as a Certified Organizational Coach, my 5+ years of experience leading a multi-functional team, my education as a trained teacher, and over 10 years coaching recreational sports.

If you are interested in a group coaching experience, or are looking for assistance in creating a group coaching offering for your company, please reach out at any time.

Your Leadership Journey:
Leadership Foundations

12-week Group Program for Individuals

Leadership is a journey and just as every leader is unique, so too is their journey. Who are you as a leader? Who is the leader you aspire to be? What will be possible when you are leading in full alignment with your values and vision?

Rising Up: From Individual Contributor to Team Lead

6-week Group Program for Individuals

Rising through the ranks from individual contributor to a team lead role is a career transition with an open playbook. What got you here often won’t get you there. Where do you want to go next?

Mastermind Meetups

One-time Group Sessions for Individuals

Mastermind Meetups are participatory group workshops where we bring together like-minded professionals to explore the ins and outs of a specific topic framed as a series of questions. We open with the focus questions, and from there the meetup is uniquely shaped by the interests and expertise of the participants. Our goal is that everyone leaves with a new insight or a nugget of a new idea that you can put into play right away.

Team Foundations

Coaching for Business Partners and Teams

A good team knows what they are working towards, a great team knows both what and how. Whenever we work in a team, we are continually forming “contracts” and “agreements” of how we do what we do. Creating a shared vision of both what we do and how we do it is a crucial step along the way to building high performing teams. What principles guide the way you work together as a team?