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👥 Positive Psychology Coaching

Coaching for Wellbeing & Optimal functioning

About this Coaching offering

As part of my masters studies in applied positive psychology and coaching psychology, I am currently looking for a chance to try some new coaching approaches with 2-3 people over the month of November.

In this short-term coaching engagement, I am applying all the same methods I do as an ICF-certified coach while also taking a more active stance with explicitly introducing some of the theories, practices, and self-assessments from the field of positive psychology.

This coaching engagement is especially relevant if you have an area in your personal or professional life where you would like to make a change in performance or outcomes, AND are also interested in learning the “how” of wellbeing and flourishing (i.e. How enhancing your individual wellbeing can support you in taking positive steps towards optimal functioning). You might, for example, learn more about:

  • the role that values and strengths play in supporting you with finding meaningful work
  • how to cultivate greater motivation, optimism, and energy to tackle a current challenge or goal you face
  • models and frameworks that help you understand the situation you are in and the possible pathways to make positive change
  • self-reported assessments you can complete to help identify where to start and where you’re making progress over time
  • practices that help manage stress, recharge your mind and body, and focus your attention for prolonged periods of increased productivity

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me.



Schedule a Discovery Call

Discovery calls give us a chance to connect, talk more about coaching, and see if this is the right fit. Calls are 20-30min, on phone or Zoom.