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Photo: Nic Lehoux, Olson Kundig

Coaching Intake for November

Thanks for your interest in working with me in a coaching engagement. As part of my masters studies in applied positive psychology and coaching psychology, I am looking for a chance to try some new coaching methods with 2-3 clients over the month of November. This coaching engagement is especially relevant if you have an area in your personal or professional life where you would like to make a change in performance or outcomes, and are open to exploring how enhancing your individual wellbeing can support you in taking positive steps towards that change.

If this interests you, please complete this form below and I will reach out to follow up. I only have room for another 2-3 people at the moment, and so in the event that we aren’t able to work together in November, at the very least I could look at taking some of the materials I am using with my clients and sharing them with you too—you can indicate your interest in this in the options below.