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Energy Bank

How much do you get done in any given day? Do you ever feel like there’s never enough time in the day to complete everything you set out to do? What if, instead of thinking about how you manage your…

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The Zone of Proximal Development: Where growth occurs

Everyone has a zone of comfort. Everyone also has a zone of panic. In between is a zone of discomfort. In the world of education, this zone of discomfort is called the “zone of proximal development” or “ZPD”, and it’s…

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The “n of 1”: You are your own sample size

What time of day are you the most productive? When do you feel at your best? When do you get tired, lethargic, or become easily distracted? What are the conditions that enable you to do your best work? High performers…

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Achieving your goals through Optimal Performance

The importance of building rest and recovery into a long-term plan for growth When it comes to achieving your goals, how much do you think about taking breaks? What if, instead of always driving for new peak levels of performance,…

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