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👋 Hi, I’m Adrian.

💼 I am an ICF-certified coach and digital communications team leader at the University of British Columbia. I bring an integrated coach approach to people and team development and enjoy playing in the space where optimal performance and wellbeing intersect. As of Sep 2022, I am also pursuing a 🎓 MSc in Applied Positive Psychology at the University of East London.

👨🏻‍💻 In addition to my work, I co-design leadership development programs, create resource materials to support the journey of personal growth and professional development, and am building an app called Methodically.

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Featured Articles

To lead as a coach

What are the skills and attributes that leaders can learn to cultivate to help their teams adapt and grow? The idea of the “leader as a coach” has gained popularity and is something I mull over daily as I navigate…

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Methodically Substack

I’ve also begun a newsletter for the work I’m doing with Methodically.
You can sign up to the Methodically Substack: