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Adrian Liem

Hi, I’m Adrian.

I am a certified coach and digital team leader. I bring an integrated coach approach to people and team development, and create resource materials to support the journey of personal growth and professional development.

I am also a co-founder on a handful of collaborations, and lend guidance to other coaches and consultants in the space where coaching, learning & development, and technology intersect.

From time to time, I also write about the work I do. Stay up to date on the latest — sign up to Coach Within, a monthly mail-out with thoughts from my coaching field notes:

Featured Articles

To lead as a coach

What are the skills and attributes that leaders can learn to cultivate to help their teams adapt and grow? The idea of the “leader as a coach” has gained popularity and is something I mull over daily as I navigate…

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Feedback: Signals around and within us

How do you know when you’re doing well, or when you need to improve? What information do you use as a measure of your success? What are you relying upon as an indicator of what to do next? What are…

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