The End is Not as Far as the Start

There’s a line from a U2 song that cropped up into my head this morning: “the end is not as far as the start”. These are words that have extra meaning for me these days – hard to believe, but I recently crossed the halfway mark of my year off from my full-time job. While the clock was ticking up from the beginning back in May, June and July, there’s that second clock that’s popped up with the countdown to the end.

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Summertime and the livin’s busy

Creative productivity comes in bursts. At least it does for me. This is one of the revelations I’ve had after being on leave now for a few months. There’s a certain allure people have to the concept of being on leave and in control of my time. The reality at first, though, doesn’t always feel quite as glamorous – take any minute of the day, and it doesn’t seem all that impressive. But take those same minutes, add them up to make hours, the hours to make days, and then every now and then things all come together into one productive burst of creation. I’m still laying the groundwork for a lot of things I have on the go, but I think it’s about time I give an update on some progress, so here’s the quick update.

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The Value of Constraint

Headlong into month three of my year long leave, I’ve found myself in an interesting conundrum lately. Four months ago I was longing for freedom. I eagerly looked ahead to what would be the time that I’m in right now, and wanted nothing more than to have a completely open schedule that I could fill, doing the things I wanted to do. But there’s a funny thing that can happen when you have such an open-ended schedule: there are so many things you can fill the time with, that you sometimes end up filling it with nothing.

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Poet's Cove, Pender Island